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Solar Success Stories

ERS Group manage every aspect of the project from design to installation and can provide reactive and ongoing maintenance care packages to suit your needs.

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A Convenience Store

The Challenge

convenience store

How to reduce over 60% of the daytime energy usage, a
convenience store open 12 hours a day uses nearly 6,000 kwh per month, costing more than £1,000 a month.

The Solution

Installing over 30 panels, whilst minimising inconvenience for the store, the owners and the customers was a priority. So installation was scheduled and scaffolding erected to be fast and as unobtrusive as possible, with safety a priority. Connecting the panels to a 3-phase inverter complete with remote monitoring delivers, capable of generating over 12.5kwh.


The Result

A payback time of 7 years, savings of more than £40,000 and a hugely reduced monthly bill, not to mention the carbon savings, for the store, a very valuable exercise.

Housing association

Housing Association

The Challenge

After the government’s announcement that all social houses should meet an Energy Performance Certificate rating of ‘C’ or above by 2030, Housing Associations have to find answers to questions that are in-line with policy, and deliver all round benefits, for themselves and their residents.

The Solution

A simple system of between 8-10 panels on a single-story home for example could generate nearly 3,000kwh per year, greater for larger properties.

The Result

A typical install of this size will save the resident around £600 per year, increase the homes efficiency and save some 535kg of CO2 emissions.

Independent School

The Challenge

Independent school

How to minimise the environmental impact of the school, after adopting other measures solar was the logical next step, the aim to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to savings on electricity.

The Solution

A bespoke design of over 40 panels mounted on a solar PV array that sits, away from view, on top of a school department building.


The Result

A generation of over 9,000 kwh pa and a saving of some 8 tonnes of CO2 pa makes this a very worthwhile project, not to mention the financial savings which are significant.

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