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Solar Panels
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What to expect during an install


Check out our most asked questions, hopefully it answers yours

Solar Panels

 Is solar energy worth the investment?

Solar energy saves you money on your energy bills and you can even make money by selling your surplus energy and battery capacity back to the National Grid!

Writing an application


All of our work is certified to the highest standards so you can rest assured that you have used a trusted trader.

Finalizing Construction Plans

Do I need planning permission?

Most homes do not need planning permission including certain properties in conservation areas.  We have a team who can assist you with your planning.

Solar Panels

Why choose ERS Group?

We offer transparent quotes and free site surveys.  A dedicated project manager will oversee your design and install.

Electric Car Charger

 What happens to the excess electricity? 

Your energy supplier will offer an export rate - the rate at which you're reimbursed for every unit of generated electricity you sell to the National Grid.

Electric Car Charger

Which EV chargers do you install?

We install Zappi, an adaptive EV charger that can take power from the grid, solar, or both.

Bank Notes

How much could I save?

 The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a 4kWp system can save between £600-£900 a year.  With battery storage you  can increase your savings. 

Electric Car Charger

Can any home have a EV charger?

Our engineers will complete a free survey to determine if your current fuse board can support a charger or if upgrades are required.

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