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Solar batteries are really the magic behind it all.

Solar Batteries

A solar battery is a simple but smart addition that gives you the power to store the energy you generate, so you can use it later when not generating solar at night or to sell the energy your solar panels produce back to the electric grid.  

Keep powering your home, even when it's night. Average annual savings of over £900 as per ONS, fully monitored system by ERS Group, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The 6 Main Benefits of Solar Batteries


Energy Cost Optimise

Storing excess energy and using it during times of higher electricity rates, you can further reduce your electricity bills.


Demand Management

Solar batteries allow you to draw stored energy during peak demand periods when electricity costs are highest.


Grid Resilience

Solar batteries act as a backup power source during grid outages, ensuring that essentials continue to operate. 


Environmental Impact

Using stored solar energy instead of relying solely on the grid, you contribute to a cleaner environment.


Energy Independence

Generating your own power allows you to become less reliant on utility companies and the fluctuating costs.


Long term Savings

Solar batteries extend the lifespan of your solar panels by reducing wear and tear caused by frequent on-off cycles.

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