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Electric Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging

Our expert installation team can supply and install a range of EV charging points to suit your needs. We also offer products that work alongside your renewable energy systems to in short charge your vehicle for free.

Why choose ERS?

We are a specialist renewables company, headquartered in Essex but operating nationwide, we deliver solar panel design, supply and installation solutions, battery storage systems, EV charging and low energy lighting.

ERS are experts in helping our customers select the correct Solar PV package to suit their usage and needs. Installations are carried out by our team of trained technicians. Solar PV systems require very little maintenance but we are here if things do go wrong to help.  We also offer maintenance packages to ensure you get the most out of your solar installation.


Years of experience, we know what to expect, and how to resolve the unexpected.


We save approximately 41,400 kg CO2 every year, that's the weight of about 50 Indian elephants.

Choose your house type to see what you can save




What our customers say


The benefits of EV Chargers


Convenience & Access

EV chargers provide the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at your own pace and on your own schedule.


Cost Savings

Charging an electric vehicle is often more cost-effective than refuelling a conventional gas-powered vehicle.


Environmental Impact

Electric vehicles produce lower emissions, contributing to cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


Energy Security

They contribute to energy security by reducing reliance on imported oil and increasing the use of domestic electricity.


Government Incentives

Many governments offer incentives, rebates, and tax credits to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.


Increase Property Value

Installing EV chargers at residential or commercial properties increase their value to tenants and potential buyers.


Got a question about EV chargers?

If you’re interested in installing EV chargers, get in touch with the team at ERS Group today.

Electric vehicle charging

Are you considering purchasing an EV? You’re not alone. The market is accelerating rapidly. Predictions range from there being 10,000 and 10,000,000 EVs on UK roads by 2025.


Whether you want to join the electric revolution to reduce your carbon footprint or to get behind the wheel of the latest model you will need to charge it in order to drive it!


Speak to our team if you are looking for EV Charging options for multiple vehicles or commercial sites.


About us

Our team are highly trained and experienced electricians who understand the world of electric vehicles and home charging, enabling them to assist with common queries during installation to give you the most efficient charging.

Our install team work alongside OZEV Approved Installers so we can even discuss government funded options for those difficult installations. Give us a call to discuss.

Green Mountains

We plant a tree for every quote we give and every solar panel we install

Supporting reforestation efforts is part of our commitment to renewables.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar energy worth the investment?


Solar energy saves you money on your energy bills and you can even make money by selling your surplus energy and battery capacity back to the National Grid!

Why choose ERS?


We offer transparent quotes and free site surveys. A dedicated project manager will oversee your design and install.

What could renewables give me?

We offer transparent quotes and free site surveys. A dedicated project manager will oversee your design and install.

What could renewables give me?

We offer transparent quotes and free site surveys. A dedicated project manager will oversee your design and install.

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