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Solar panels Essex installation process

ERS group are an approved installer of a number of renewable products. All of our installations are fully engineered with all of the necessary equipment required to facilitate a first-class result.

Our highly trained engineers have extensive experience in the field of renewable technology, ensuring you receive the highest quality product and customer service on the market. 


Why choose us?

We specialise in renewable design, installation and services such as solar panels, battery storage and EV Chargers. 


Years of Experience within the Industry


Yearly CO2 Saved


Industry Technical Accreditations 

What we do

With over 30 years of experience and a highly skilled team we provide the following services for our customers:

Meeting room


Presentation & Survey

Our solar surveyor will come to your home to explain the process. They'll assess your roof's pitch, direction towards the sun and layout to suggest the optimal installation design. Using MCS guidelines they'll estimate your energy savings, power generation, and carbon emission reduction potential.

scaffolding for installation



Our first installation step is to safely set up scaffolding ensuring the highest H&S at all times for both our team and the public. Scaffolding is arranged a day before installation to minimise disruption, then typically removed within days but can stay longer if needed,  just let us know.

solar inspection



We conduct thorough safety inspections and checks to optimise power output. We also register your installation with local authorities under part P regulations and the distribution network operator (DNO) responsible for your electrical supply.

Technical design for solar panels


Technical Design

Good design is essential to ensure that you will maximise your electricity generation. There are some basics to consider including location, angle and direction of panels, shading and the quality and matching of the panels to the most efficient inverter and the battery storage.

solar panels essex



Now our highly trained solar install team will be on site to confirm the design and ensure the existing roof is suitable for install before they begin. Now the solar panels and supports will be installed and roofing tiles adjusted accordingly. 

solar panels and batteries


Connection & Commissioning

After inspection, the solar system is commissioned, enabling your home’s electricity generation. This typically happens on the installation day or the following day if testing conditions require, to ensure the system is working to design specifications. 




Once the design is complete we’ll send you an electronic version so you have all the necessary details for an informed decision. When you’re ready simply sign and return our standard contract to proceed. Rest assured we strictly follow GDPR and EPVS guidelines and avoid high pressure sales tactics. We’re honest and happy to chat through anything to help tailor make your experience.

solar panel installation


Safety Testing

Solar panels are connected in strings on your roof. These strings pass through to the loft connecting to an inverter that converts power for your use. A cable then links to your electrical fuse board distributing solar energy for home use or export. A separate meter records your export energy which your local network provider will pay you accordingly. 




For SEG qualification, the installation must be on the MCS register. Your installer needs to be MCS-certified for quality assurance. We register your system with MCS and assist with SEG payment forms.

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